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YourCE enables you to run your continuing education business easily and efficiently. Create a seminar, add classes, and accept payments all within minutes. After each seminar is complete sit back and enjoy automatic certificate of completion creation, student reporting, and much more.

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Managing your continuing education business has never been easier.

Easy to Use
Create a new seminar, classes, add an instructor bio and more in minutes.
Secure Payments
Accept payments via credit card, Apple Pay, and GPay securely through Stripe.
Responsive Web App
Use YourCE on all modern devices. Access your business from anywhere.
Free Updates
Receive free updates as they become available. We're always working to improve your experience.
Automatic Reminders
Text and email reminders for upcoming seminars, when students should sign in, and download certificates.
Student E-Sign
Efficiently collect student e-signatures when starting and ending classes.
Automatic Certificate Generation
Certificates, using your logo, will be created at the end of each class.
Simple Compliance
Quickly generate reports, student signature lists, and more for your governing authority.

Meet the Creator, Tom Sherman

Tom Sherman - Owner, Absolute Home Inspection

After 20 years of putting on training seminars, I have run the gamut when it comes to the frustrations associated with implementing the procedures for facilitating these programs. As a working home inspector who does the training as a sideline, these multiple processes have taken up a tremendous amount of time, cutting into my ability to perform my primary job. Those tasks, from pre-seminar marketing; compiling attendance lists, printing out certificates, setting up and retaining instructor information (and too many more details to mention) took a giant bite out of my time. Then, the day-of-seminar tasks, which included managing the sign-in process, hosting the attendees, ensuring everyone was in their seats for each class, making sure the sign-in and sign-out sheets were passed around and everyone signed them, collecting checks, along with ensuring everyone was paid up...the list goes on!

Finally, towards the end of the last class found me placing certificates on a table and reminding students to "Make sure you take your certificate", only to have a dozen or so sitting on the table after everyone headed for home. Back to the office I went, filling out envelopes for those who "forgot to take them", putting postage on them and mailing them out. Only to have the phone calls start 6 months later from attendees that needed their certificate but not knowing which seminar they took or when.

Something New

Shortly after our March 2020 seminar, a pandemic took over our world, and our lives and businesses were suddenly being run from within our homes. As such, we needed another way to coordinate and administer meetings and a system to execute verifiable structured educational programs using cloud-based software. We adapted and implemented additional features into YourCE, which cover every aspect of running virtual educational and training programs using any of the major video conferencing applications available.

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